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Light Weight Deflectometer

Product Code Product Description PRS-SLWD Light Weight Deflectometer The Light Weight Deflectometer is a portable version .The LWD uses a load cell and geophones. The LWD can be used to test thin asphaltic pavements, recycled materials bound with foamed bitumen and directly test the unbound subbase and subgrade. The output from the LWD can be used to calculate the strength of multiple pavement layers. The LWD meets the ASTM 2583, the IAN73 (UK) standard, the Danish standard and the Italian standard for determining the modulus and compaction of a material. ​ Product Features One person operation Rapid test allows close test point spacing ensuring homogeneity of the test section Modulus output at time of test Assessment of both the compaction and stiffness of material with same unit Quality control of the subbase layers and subgrade before an overlay is applied Testing of trench restorations to reduce the chance of settlement over time